Genetic Alchemy / Ancestral Healing for men and women

Be ready to move through the hologram of time, changing, integrating the past, in the present, for a magnificent future.

We have the ability to change our genetic information simply by making a different choice. 

Genetic Alchemy has its roots in Systemic Constellations, also known as Family Constellations. This particular approach helps to reveal the hidden dynamics in family relationships, or any dynamic of two or more, such as in businesses and organizations.  These hidden dynamics impact our emotional and physical wellbeing and Genetic Alchemy offers a solution in revealing and resolving these family conflicts and inter-generational issues.

Our DNA carries the information of physical, emotional and mental conditionings and characteristics passed down to us through our ancestors, as well as beliefs and thought patterns which can stop us from accessing and living our desires, our true potential. Sometimes this expresses through illness, various symptoms and reoccurring fates witnessed within families. 

Genetic Alchemy invites you to bring awareness to family trauma and karmic structures stored deep within the cellular memory, DNA and all the unseen aspects that have not yet been made conscious. By doing so, we have the opportunity to integrate the past in the present moment, releasing the breeding ground for illnesses and symptoms in your very DNA, so the past doesn’t have to repeat itself in the future. 

Genetic Alchemy supports you in healing your physical and emotional issues and also opens yourSelf to embody more of your innate original blueprint, allowing you to freely live, to thrive and to step into being a conscious creator of your reality.

Genetic Alchemy deeply touches the core of our human essence, opens our hearts to compassion, gratitude and unconditional love. This journey is about aligning oneself to a deeper truth and the intelligence LOVE IS. 

Tatjana works with both men and women in retreat settings and private  sessions. Her gifts of perception, intuition and feminine wisdom support the process of alchemy within you with any question in any life area you may have. This includes areas where you feel stuck, or have issues affecting your emotional, mental and physical health.

Tatjana assists you in creating a coherent field and connection between heart/Spirit, mind, and physical body/soul, enabling you to integrate with your Spirit. All you need to heal, to awaken is within you.