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Holographic Passage Into Wholeness Online course for women only

Becoming aware of the countless threads that weave and unite all elements into the rhythm of life, she came to innerstand and awaken to the innate cosmic language and lore held within her cellular structure, her womb… how to align herself within this cosmic order of Love.. bringing forth her deepest knowing and wisdom, living embodiment of her true feminine essence, only to discover the dissolution into a Oneness beyond male and female… she came to awaken to who she already was, always has been.

Tatjana Alexander

Life is sacred. Your heart is sacred. Your body is sacred and most of all your femininity is sacred.  

Embarking on this exclusive four-month online course provides the ground to unravel some of your deepest truths as a woman and that which has been hidden and kept in the dark.
All of what surfaces will be picked up by us both and woven into guiding you back to source and infinite feminine empowerment.
As a road map we are following the passage of your sacred, sexual portals into your womb, activating each one through various practices and focused breath, re-activating your inbuilt technology, opening you up into a divine remembering of who you truly are.
Prepare yourSelf for the daily practice of showing up for yourSelf and standing in truth and responsibility for your words, thoughts and actions. This allows you to become a conscious creator of that which you desire to experience and celebrate in your feminine form. 

Through this course we come together as a group of women to join forces and rediscover what it means to be a woman, freeing her to carry the wisdom, beauty and power to love. Be ready to connect back to spirit and fully celebrate and live the divinity that you are. 

I am grateful to receive women of all seasons and ages, each one enriching the groups experience. 

What you can expect from this alchemical journey is:

  • the activation of your innate, inbuilt technology.

    to open and ignite your feminine sexual pathways to allow an unhindered, authentic flow of your life force & creative energy, clearing any trauma you may hold there.
  • to become conscious of and re-write the many beliefs and conditionings which continuously determine your life, keeping you from fully living your gifts and awakening to who you truly are.
  • to clear events through timelines of the past so they do not repeat themselves in the future.
  • to open you up to a greater love and truth as we unlock the unseen/unfelt information held within your cellular structures.
  • to clear your womb of any remaining imprints, possible traumas of abuse, birth, etc and clearing of any miscarriages, abortions or still births.
  • to find alignment within your ancestral lineages, allowing you to step out of the cycle of repetition and dis-ease, physical illness/symptoms, reoccurring ‘fate’ and emotional and mental blocks.
  • to innerstand self-responsibility and the movement of forgiveness within…becoming a true master of embodiment.
  • to guide you in how to access your own healing tools and power, your very own medicine. All you need to heal is within you.
  • to awaken you to the profound and innate wisdom you hold and can access as you learn to communicate with Spirit and align yourSelf to Universal Lore.
  • to attune to your original rhythm in being a woman, in an organic connection with Mother Gaia, allowing you to find greater harmony and balance within.
  • to take your authentic place and seat within, within your family, relationships and communities.

For the duration of the course you will have access to: 

  • a private group on Facebook (I am looking for an alternative) for meeting, sharing and ongoing support, held in a safe container for you to open up.
  • regular calls on zoom for you to receive practices and guidance to share, ask questions and connect with all other women, nourishing yourselves through each ones openness and presence.
  • private sessions as needed individually.
  • a ONE WEEK RETREAT to fully immerse yourself into the work hands on, experiencing a week of feminine awakening. More details of these retreats will be given once you join.

    This online course runs twice a year!

    Next 4months online journey begins on the 8th of February 2024!
    Sign up ends 14th of January 2024!

    If you feel to evolve into your next octave and join the living, send me a message below so we can arrange to speak and find out if we can journey together.