‘Return to Love’ Retreat 12. May – 19. May 2023 on Crete / Greece

I invite you to join me on this transformative weeks journey through the Holographics of the Feminine Form. The main focus being on the unlocking of all which is blocking you, holding you back in this moment from unfolding into the realm of true freedom, joy, compassion, abundance, authenticity, the unwavering power of standing in your truth.

We are meeting in the invigorating spring sun, on the island of Crete in Greece, dedicating this week to the integration of your individual past, in the Here and Now, so the future is free of the pasts repetition.

Freeing you from any binding contracts, aligning you within your ancestral lineages, clearing your womb, bringing you back into flow and your rhythm within, with Mother Earth, the elements, inspiring your true feminine essence to be lived.
My intention is to assist you in your journey of raising your consciousness, expanding your awareness so you can access your innate talents, your wisdom, your intuition and divinity.
Exploring the multidimensionality you are part of and innerstanding Universal Lore.
Crucial during these so challenging times.

Through a unique array of practices and the remembering of the ancient ways of BEing, we reactivate our inbuilt technology, grounding us into our true essence, lived wisdom and power. We return to this highest intelligence which governs us all, we return to Love. 

If you desire to be amongst the living women longing to unleash your creative power, to lead from your intuitive, knowing heart, reconnect with Spirit, come join me in this intimate group of women. 
Being seen, held & witnessed in a safe container, nourished through women coming together in loving support of one another, is the healing balm so many are in need of.
It is what alchemizes the stories of trauma, hurt and pain into embodied wisdom, compassion and Love.

This week is limited to only a small group of women. If you feel the call, secure your place now and drop me an email for all further details. It is on a ‘first in, first served’ basis.

Sign up ends 30th day of March 2023!

Women of all seasons, you are most welcome to be part of this return to Love.

I look forward to meeting you. 

We will meet in Douliana, a small, charming, quiet village within the exquisitely lush region of Apokoronas, about 30 mins drive from Chania, up in the mountains with just a 40 min walk through stunning nature to reach the next beach for a swim.
Our food is local, seasonal, mostly organically grown, vegetarian, prepared for us fresh every day.

Photo © by Tatjana Alexander