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Exploration #2 Clearing of Abortion/Miscarriage 02.03./09.03.2024 via Zoom

Having had an abortion/miscarriage often times may be the cause for a disconnect from your womb, the multi-dimensionality and wisdom she holds, which you may find, you can no longer clearly access, a disconnect from life, your partner, your sexuality, from the children you may have given birth to after the abortion/miscarriage.
Many women have described a lack of deeper connection with the child/ren they did bring into this life and world. Also observing how their children find it difficult to step into their power, living a ‘successful’ life.
Others have found themselves able to conceive, after having cleared a previous abortion/miscarriage.
It may be the cause of lack of clarity, a lingering guilt and shame.
It can be the cause for reoccurring aches and pains in your physical body as a result of the invasive procedure and more.

On these two dates we come together in a safe and supportive container, via zoom, for approx. 1 1/2 – 2 hours. In the comfort of your own home, we will explore what needs to be seen and felt, what needs integration, being lifted out of fragmentation into wholeness, so you are able to return to your centre, taking your seat in clarity, Love and presence again.

We do this through simple practices, seeing what each one of you needs individually.
You will have time during the week between the two calls to follow simple practice, supporting you in clearing the abortion/miscarriage which we will follow up on during the second call.

We will be looking into the conditionings, beliefs/programs you have online in this regard, into any connection with your ancestral lineage through systemic medicine and bring alignment to it.

Taking this a step further, into the eternal Spirit you are, we will explore what has set you up for this experience in this lifetime and clear it according to ‘universal lore’.

If you feel the call to join in, send me a message below so I can forward you all further details.

The calls will be held in english and german, as needed.

2nd & 9th of March 2024 at 3 pm CET Sign up ends 22nd of February 2024!

I look forward to meeting you.

@Photo: Jenella Walker